Danzarín és una proposta de dansa i expressio creativa, on la motivació juga un paper fonamental. A la classe els infants juguen, experimenten i creen les seves pròpies propostes amb diferents músiques, elements i materials (teles, pilotes, disfresses, aros...)

Activitat extraescolar per a infants de 3 a 6 anys i de 7 en endavant

Oferta a Espai Obert La Serra, de Sant Pere de Ribes

This new activity is led by Susan Palazon, BA in psychology, social education and trained in creative education.

It is an activity of movement, in which games are creating using body movement, different fabrics and music. The common goal, shared by movement and expression activities is to develop creative skills and provide space for growth where participants can realise their potential. You can read more about the activity , the purpose and what is worked on in the sessions below

Lin has prepared a Family Dance workshop which will take place on Thursdays from 18:15 to 19:15. 
If you would like to come, you can enroll by sending an email to activitats@espaiobertlaserra.org