What we do


Espai Obert La Serra is a private learning centre for pre-school and primary aged children , managed by the Cooperative of Espai Obert La Serra. To collaborate, work or enroll your children here, you must become a member of the cooperative.  

Our main guide is that of an active education. This method of educating basically consists in allowing each human being to guide his or her own learning processes. We do it in this way based on a particular concept of the learning process.

In her first book, Educate for being : Experiences of an active schoolRebeca Wild, cofounder of the Pestalozzi Educative Centre, goes into detail about setting up a learning centre called an active school. 

Even though the process was gradual,the birth of her son Rafael  completely changed her way of understanding the relationship between an adult and a child. And maybe in every home of the families belonging to the EOS Cooperative , becoming a parent has been the reason to lead us here , which is not an objective, but the start of a new path to discovery.

We are lucky to have these pioneering experiences , such as those told in this book, to learn from people who have been able to move away from atavistic,donminat relationships towards their own sons and daughters. Experiences told in different time settings and different contexts , such as those of Maria Montessori, Emmi Pikler, Humberto Maturana, Carles Parellada or Jean Piaget, have already been fruitful , and from these experience we feed and grow.

The educative team is equally important, made up of people who love their work,and are especially trained in active education with wide and relevant experience. They are the pillars of the school giving respectful and caring accompaniment to the boys and girls,as well as the longest and the most indivual attention possible.This is why the maximum ratio is between 10 and 15 children to each adult companion , depending on the educative stage of the children.     

The prinicpals of this educative method are :

  1. Every living thing, including every boy and girl, has its own intrinsic developmental programme.
  2. Learning does not mean accumulating knowledge given by an exterior source, but by the aquirement of resources for life.
  3. Boys and girls are not developing adults , but living beings who are complete at every stage of their growth.

Learning centres each put into practice the educative ideas of an active school in their own way, as this is not a closed method, but is as different as the people who make up each educative community : children, educative team and families. 

Espai Obert La Serra  applies the considerations of active education, on which  their educative and pyschological system is based.  

  1. Respectful and caring accompaniment.
  2. The importantce of the learning environment.
  3. A natural rhythm of learning.
  4. No to evaluation but yes to observation.
  5. Freedom and limits.

The people who make up the Cooperative at EOS are certain that our strength is born of love, and we would like to move forward  towards a new paradigm, together, hand in hand with our sons and daughters.