The families belonging to EOS have our children educated at Espai Obert La Serra active school. Our involvement, coordinated with the educative team allows for the ideal running of the school. Some bring working strength, maintaining the school lands and buildings, brunch in the mornings or creating new educational resources, guided by the educative team. Others are part of the working comissions, each one specialising  in a certain area ,according to our professional training or skills, such as the administrative, financial, maintanence and communicative comissions, etc.   Some of us are part of the Governing Board and carry out neccessary administrative and organisational tasks. 

And, we are all the pillars of development for each girl and boy, and their point of reference. The families at EOS help to create a school where our sons and daughters can live and grow together socially, but we are aware of our responsabilities, as the nourishing, stable root to help them grow, a fundament for their own natural, organic, unstoppable growth...

Would you like to be a part of our family?