Espai Obert La Serra

"Learning has no limits, marks, scales or syllabus.

It is impossible for children to cease learning."


At Espai Obert LA SERRA, we form A SCHOOL which is

alive, respectful, transparent and family orientated. 

Growing in freedom.

The freedom to learn according to their own initiative, to their own pace and in their own time.

The freedom to be how they want to be ,

The freedom to grow and learn through play and personal identity.

Clear and respectful limits in inviting spaces, attractively designed for their needs. 


Open to the world

Open to emotion,

To trust the fact that children are the protagonists of their own learning , 

To contact with nature,

To a wide range of knowledge, events, spaces and subjects in continuous growth, 

Where families support and strengthen each other as mothers and fathers. 



Where touching, trying out, learning by experience and living , 

And climbing trees, looking at the clouds, working in the garden and drawing in the sand ,

And understanding yourself and the world that surronds us and others,

And feeling that we can see things from other perspectives.


 Pedagogical Companionship

Where the care of the adult shows unconditional respect for each boy and girl, and their life achievements and learning,  

Finding the way together, in constant mutual growth,

Where the adult opens up new horizons, observes, kisses the wounds and accompanies this insatiable curiosity


Make friends with learning

To grow in autonomy

With stimulating materials, well-prepared environments, possibilities, people, worlds... 

Without being limited to just academic or intellectual knowledge,

To learn to recognise the language of emotions

To express themselves in a way that allows for communication,

To know their own body and its possibilities,

To create their own thought proccesses, 

To construct themselves,

To follow their own instinct and curiosity.