A learning environment is made up of everything that interacts with a human being. At Espai Obert La Serra, we make sure that the different learning environments are calm, and that the educational resourcesavailable to the boys and girls can satisfy their need for knowledge. It is our responsibility to create a rich, diverse and safe environment. 

Learning activities at Espai Obert La Serra take place both inside and outside. Outside there are areas for structured or -non-structured free play , such as the sand pit and water, the swing and wooden shapes to develop gross motor skills, open spaces for group play, trees to make treehouses, tables to share food and 5 hectacres of woods , which allow for daily and frequent contact with nature. 

In the two large buildings we have, girls and boys have the most part of our self-learning resources available , which is divided into different areas : the library, reading and writing resources, mathematics, fine motor skills , construction, board games , natural science, history and geography, music, arts and crafts, movement room, etc.  There are two smaller buildings which house the toilets, first-aid room, the kitchen, the carpentry and the clay sculpture workshops, as well as a teepee and a yurt used as a meeting place for the children.

Given the educational methods of the centre, nearly all of the learning environments are open to all the children, as each child is guided by their own need to learn when they choose which activity they would like to take part in. So that this can be done safely , each learning environment has agreed rules of use and coexistence, as well as the presence of an adult always, who guides and ensures safety and the wellbeing of all.