Summer Camp 2016

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Anunci casal Poblat Serra: Natius Americans

This year we offer a summer camp for children between 3 and 12 years with an exciting theme: the Native Americans.


Conducted by the experienced team of Zona de Joc and some members of our educational staff, the children will explore within the natural environment of our school the culture of Native Americans, while knowing there legends, way of life, respect for nature and songs and  for children in primary school, also their sports such as kayaking or surfing at the yacht club in Sitges.


For registration and more information please contact Zona de Joc.

Phone: 617,981,053 to 931,297,954


Base Price 80 €/week  or 16 €/day.

Including weekly transport to the beach by bus and water sports for children of primary school.


See details, discounts and payment facilities.

You have more details in the linked PDF


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Matt S (not verified) on Tue, 19/07/2016 - 19:40

Thanks for the information and extra PDF - these summer camps sound like they're really well organised and it's great for the kids to learn about Native American culture as well as enjoy time on the water (whether that's kayaking, inflatable paddleboarding or just having fun!) at the yacht club. Will be in touch if I need more information.


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