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Lin has prepared a Family Dance workshop which will take place on Thursdays from 18:15 to 19:15. 
If you would like to come, you can enroll by sending an email to
The price for EOS cooperative members is 20 €/month for an adult with one child, or 35 €/month if you bring two children. For the general public, prices for the course with one or two children are 25 and 40 € per month respectively. 
Here is the description of the activity: 
Hello families! 
I would love to invite you to our first Family Dance session, which will start on Thursday the second of October , from 18:15 to 19: 15h. Come along and try !!! 
My name is Lin, I am a dance teacher, actress and dancer. And I've worked with children and adults for 15 years. 
In our Family Dance class we will move at different rythms, we will dream and relax with our kids! 
We will work on theconnection between adult and child.
It will be a class to create, feel and above all, just flow. We will dance freely, following a few guidelines. We will work  on the connection with play. 
We will play with balls, fabric, string ... We will do some contact exercises, acrobatics (very basic, do not panic!) and have fun, interacting with our children in a new and different way! 
I would encourage you to come on Thursday, the second of  October. You just need comfortable clothes! 
A kiss and goodbye! 
If you want to know more about Lin you can visit her website ( and facebook (

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