Where are we?

Espai Obert La Serra is situated on the Camí del Montgrós, s/n - 08810 Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona).

It is well communicated and accesible from the C-31, C-32, C-15 and more motorways.

The closest bus stop is at Els Camils Hospital and a bit further at Catalunya Square at Sant Pere de Ribes.

Our buildings are set on the La Serra estate which covers 5 hectacres, including part of the Garraf woods. It is surrounded by other estates dedicated to ecological viniculture. This site was chosen due to its ideal setting to encourage direct daily contact with nature, due to the benefits for the bodily and spiritual growth of our children in harmony with the natural world.

If you would like to contact us please choose an option:

escola@espaiobertlaserra.org  -  General information about the school (Interested families)

direccio@espaiobertlaserra.org - Contact with the principal of the school (Interested teachers)

capdestudis@espaiobertlaserra.org - Pedagogical information

consellrector@espaiobertlaserra.org - Information about the cooperative (offers, services and partner support)

or use our facebook page.

By telephone +34 938964488, monday to friday, from  8:45 to 14:00h

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